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meca_moon - Banned for saying "ERP update" in Lobby


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Ban reason: [Saying ERP update in Lobby]
Length of ban: [Indef Game Ban]
Events leading to the ban: [I said ERP update when everyone was saying random update jokes like, "surgery update soon" "8D chess update" and such, all of this was in the lobby and not in game, I was told I said it 4 times in a period of this month all in Lobby]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I honestly did not know just saying ERP was against the rules (I was never warned either), when I first started playing I saw some players saying this in the lobby and found it funny, so I said it too, I was never warned, I did say it with presence of admin before in the chat (Highlighted in red?) and received no warning or anything, I did not say anything sexual other than just mentioning ERP. However, if its against the rules I will never mention this again. So I am not sure why I received a Ban for this, no one engaged into sexual topics either. I hope you forgive me for my mistake and consider my appeal. My apologies.]

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