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Warentan - (Large) Evac bomb


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Ban reason: "Major arrivals grief, Syndicate bombed arrivals on MRP--" (Salamander) "--entirely destroying it."

Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: Atmos syndie, CE death and magboots were my objectives. CE apparently went SSD in an unknown location, making my task incredibly difficult. Evac had been called and I figured I hadn't done anything that round and didn't want to get pinged for avoiding antag, so I planted a bomb at evac. It was only until after the fact that I remembered that evac was off-limits. I had turned myself in, and promptly got banned ~3 minutes later.

Reason the ban should be removed: I had made a mistake, forgetting a rule that I had read, and I feel that my actions were indeed logically wrong, and I admit that without spite or sarcasm. I would not like for my ban to be completely removed, since I shouldn't be able to bypass a ban through simple text, but at most shortened to a timed or role ban for understanding and admittance.

"Git infuriates me bro just let me commit the changes you freaking guy" -Obama, maybe


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We've conferred on this and an appeal ban was not warranted in this situation. I've replaced it with a six hour ban. There were significant mitigating factors here that make this a lot less of an issue then it turned out to be. Please be mindful of any destruction to the arrivals terminal area as it makes it extremely difficult for any new players from entering the game. Accepted.


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