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[ No idea who banned me, just got pop up in game] - Scruffy


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SS14 account: WhateverWorks

Byond account: N/A

Character name: Scruffy

When was the ban: I didnt play for two days and this happens

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den Lizard [US WEST] 

Your side of the story: I was banned for N word? Peptide knows about my situation propablly, my pAI was spitting slurs, clown picked my pAI after I died and was accused of this as well, so i SUPPOSE somebody just saw in logs ,,scruffy pAI" and banned me. I NEVER used such wording, dudes, come on I play clean 

Why you think you should be unbanned: well I was playing for months now, players like Keira Cox, Zor Dislo, Talon Mccendrick can vouch for me, I know every class, I always report abuse, and generally stay out of trouble. I go to work for two days, come back, and im permabanned for hard words? 

Why should you get this opportunity
Because I deeply believe, this ban is either a misunderstanding or total bullshit, to be  honest.

Was your ban unfair?: Hell yes it was, I have no idea what happened, last thing i did i tried to defed some clown who got my loudmouth pAI from getting banned, peptide thanked me, two days go by, and now im banned 4 life? Pls

Anything else we should know: Just that i have no god damn idea what happened, when it supposedly happened and what is going on. If you have logs i would LOVE to see them, otherwise PLEASE get peptide to see this

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I'm not sure if I am the responsible for getting people banned for racial slurs, but once I said "I'm gonna say the n word" in the chat, everyone was like "say it lol" and some people actually did say it along with me lmao, i'm still waiting to be unbanned tho

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