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BAN APPEAL - Repentify


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Ban reason: [Restarting round, then after warning calling shuttle because they didn't like the chosen map.]
Length of ban: [720 minutes (12 hours)]
Events leading to the ban: [1st we get barratry (worst map), so I decide to call a restart vote. It was denied DESPITE 80% of all crew just hates this map. Every head hates, almost every crewmember hates it. Then I decide to call a Shuttle vote I get 12 yes - 4 no and decide, to call an EVAC. then the admin decides that I will be banned for 12 hours. because of an restart vote and evac.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I believe calling a restart vote and evac (with the crew and heads in my favor) isn't worth 12 hours ban, 1 hour or 2 hours, I can fully accept how ever 12 hours is a bit too much.]

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Deciding to try and skip the map because you personally don't like it and you have a notion that "80% of the crew hates the map (something you can't prove anyways)" is not cause to force skip a map that other people may want to play just fine.

Do not call evac just because you or other people "don't like the map". Denied.

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