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BIG_EDDIE - Abuse from range


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Ban reason: Abuse from range
Length of ban: It's an appeal ban, so I assume it's permanent until I appeal.
Events leading to the ban: I had joined one of your servers a few times before. After a few months (I think?), I came back and tried to join again, however I couldn't do that, because I was banned. I don't recall doing anything that goes against the rules (or really anything to be honest), but I could be wrong.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don't believe I broke any rules (or atleast I don't remember doing so), so I think the ban should be lifted.

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  • Game Admin

I can't find a Ban related to your account specifically. 
Are you by chance using a VPN to attempt to connect to our servers? because if you are, it is likely the VPN ip range that is banned, not actually your account. and disabling your VPN would allow you to connect to the servers without issue. 


Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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