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PoorMansDreams - Abhorrent bad roleplaying as a zombie


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Ban reason: [9/15/2023 Abhorrent roleplay as a Zombie]
Length of ban: [Permanent until Appeal]
Events leading to the ban: [During a zombie round, I was turned into a zombie. I walked into space and tried to attack a human while they were jetpacking. I got lost into space with 4 other zombies. We started casually just spinning and whatnot. At one point, instead of the zombie sound it said "accent-wors-zombie-10". Before that happen though. I did, in emotes, that I pissed my pants, and that it Instantly freezes. Referencing that when someone passes, the waste is just let out. I'm aware this must also be from this screenshot I posted in the discord]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Rules are rules, and I understand that horribly "roleplaying" like this in a Roleplay server is not acceptable. It will not happen again in the future.] 



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