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AnimeFan06- issues involving a Riot


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Ban Reason: "Round 32773. Incited a riot on radio, participated in a riot, left the game when caught by security" 

Ban Length: appeal ban

Events Leading up to the ban: now that I look back on it with the knowledge someone told me, and some thinking on my own part, what I did was entirely wrong, however, me and some other people got pissed at the captain because the round had just started, and he called the evac, he of course recalled but we were still upset. me and a small group were screaming "revolution" outside of his door, and I hit the door with plant clippers a few times, and me and someone else I believe went into the little slot in between the actual bridge and the outside, and I keep hitting the doors with plant clippers, because from my experience, slash damage cannot seem to break objects such as doors. although now that I look back at it, none of use actually intended on harming the captain no matter what any of us, myself including, said in the moment, everything I said was obviously meant to be in character, and so on. However, I do not remember "leaving the game when caught by security", I actually dont remember that part of the round, I probably either did /suicide, or, if I DID leave the game, I probably genuinely had to go do something, as I'm not the type to "rage quit" or just quit in the middle of a game period unless I actually need to go or get off. I am also fairly certain that it was someone else that said something to start the whole thing, so I thought it was okay and continued it, since, again, I thought it was okay. I also did not know that riots and/or revolutions or protests needed to be thoroughly admin approved

Why I think the ban should be removed:  I know what I did was wrong as I look back at it, but if I am unbanned, I can safely say that something like this will not happen again, and on top of that, if I happen to be unbanned, I will once again REREAD the rules intently.

to whoever is reading this, thank you for your time, and I hope everything here has made sense

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  • Game Admin

Riots and revolutions generally just incentivize everyone to join in some group insanity, So you were given a stricter ban as one of the instigators.
I can see your hot off another ban too so moving forward be on your best behavior as you fast approaching a more severe ban if it continues.
Saying that it's clear you've reflected on the situation and I hope you can keep on the straight and narrow with this now.
Appeal accepted - I've removed the ban.

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