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Zombie, discord appeal


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Reposting my appeal as its been enough

Discord account: zombiedude101

Date of ban: 27/08/23

Events leading to the ban:  I was referring to the old ss13 racism, and had was explicitly stated it was a good thing it has been phased out here, and that slurs like "ligger" were usually just used as a thinly veiled excuse to use the hard n without without actually using it. I'm not sure why this = ban (I assume as much as I can't join) - surely context is key here?  It's difficult to say as nobody actually told me what I was being banned. I mean I get the rules state that racism is not allowed, but does that extend to discussing  / speaking in support of the rule? Does that mean we can't talk about round griefing here? It seems kinda unreasonable to be to someone who obviously isn't trying to harm anyone.

Reason the ban should be removed: As discussed before, I sisagree with the ban given the context of the situation at the time. However, I will refrain where possible from going over the same issue.

To be clear, I am explicitly against real world bigotry of any form including people using games as an excuse to shit on others. 


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