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Devalu, "Arrivals Sabotage"


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Ban reason: Arrivals sabotage, welding doors shut
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: On Kettle (please view attached map) I welded the right arrivals shuttle door shut, this was to force people to disembark the arrivals shuttle form the left side, avoiding where I intended to space the arrivals dock that I was using to build a shuttle. This should not have impacted anyone and ideally it would have been a temporary measure to prevent people  from getting stuck at the right side of arrivals when the rightmost north corner is spaced.

I was building a shuttle there in an attempt to use the provided shuttle airlock and small fan as the back door for the shuttle as a work around for not being able to build these without admin tools

I was then forced to SSD 

I explained what I was doing to a co-worker and I hoped he would see my vision and continue work in that spot.

Reason the ban should be removed: The goal of welding the doors was to prevent people from getting stuck in arrivals, I wasn't there to see if anyone was stuck , but it would be actively challenging to get stuck given that I had only welded half the doors. If I had been around to explain what I was doing I can't see how I would have got a ban for this.

Diagram below:

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  • Game Admin

Thanks for the details on this appeal, have reviewed the logs and can see you were trying to build the shuttle, the reasoning behind the ban was the recent killing in the terminal as the antag from a few days ago in combination with this welding incident being aHelped.
When I came in, you'd disconnected and half the arrivals were welded so looked like the standard arrivals grief and only had the one side of information to go off.

I've removed the ban now. In future try pick another airlock not from arrivals to cannibalize for a shuttle.

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