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volumecheese - toxicity


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Ban reason: "Take a break, and return less toxic."

Length of ban: A week

Events leading to the ban: alright so i was talking to hos and he went into hop so i walked into the doorway so i could keep talking to him. then a mime ran in and tried to steal something or other crimes then sec walked in and beat me with stun batons cuffed me and brought me out. Then later i got a banana from sec arresting the mime so i punched one of the sec offs so i could trip them!!! Then i get yelled at then cap drags me into bridge and trys to serch me and i call him shitcap. Then lucky/luckyshotpictures ahelps me and then bans me for a week

Reason he ban should be removed: being a greytyde doesnt seem like a bannable offense unless previously told to stop. I may have been banned for asking for a uplink on ahelp which again doesnt seem like a banable offense. I believe that nothing i did in that game was worth a ban of that length i think a warning would have been alot more fitting. If the ban is just generally about my behavior in other channels then please post info/examples! 

Best wishes, VolumeCheese

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You have been repeatedly pushing your luck in the discord and through other avenues by constantly bugging administrators to be whitelisted on MRP and/or shouting "the dumb admins won't let me in MRP". You have been told, multiple times, that this is not acceptable behavior if you want to be considered at all.

This is on top of your general self-antagonistic behavior in-game where you are essentially trying to be an active problem to security or command because you like the reaction they make when you scream "SHITSEC" and "SHITCAP" after they rightfully arrest you for committing crimes.

This is in addition to several issues where you use the ahelp relay to ask to be an antagonist/ask to declare independence/ask to be the center of attention. Most notably this came to bear in an incident on LRP where you were outraged that as captain you were demoted for dressing up like a clown and acting completely incoherent.

Denied. We think you collectively could use a break from the game. You can wait your ban out. You are extremely unlikely to be whitelisted on MRP anytime within the next few months.

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