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Perma prisoner role


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Perma in many maps is realy nice. You can chill in prison, make weed, talk with another prisioners and maybe try escape (without breaking the rules). it would be a really cool role for 2-3 people maybe 4. Warden wouldn't be so bored either.

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Would be really fun! I feel like perma is really underused and would be cool to have a real prison to defend as sec. When a regular syndi is put in perms they usually aren't in there for long, so it would be cool to have a steady prisoner flow instead of the one or two guys who will break out right away

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I also think that adding a perma prisoner role could prevent perma people from SSDing after they are caught so that they have someone to hang out with. I think many times when people get put in perma they SSD because they are just left alone in the brig with no one but themselves. I think the perma prisoner role could be sort of a prisoner with a higher status with the warden, in a friendly way. So that the warden could bring them food and items that they wanted to entertain themselves.

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This would be great! Lots of opportunities for MRP and even LRP. I've been syndicate and a couple of times I thought to myself, "I should just turn myself in. Breaking out of perma or being practically invincible is a lot more fun than stalking RD." Then I remembered that that would be against space-law, and got sad. One issue is what would happen with late-joiners? They would just spawn on arrivals, as a fugitive, right off the bat

Also, Sorry, but I HAVE to say it...


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6 hours ago, Germo555 said:

why would you volunteer to be a prisoner when you could just do everything else

Probably just for fun? I mean, it opens up new opportunities I guess.

You could skip all the get-into-trouble stuff and instantly get to being in prison and escaping. 


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