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LatheDog - misuse and lack of knowledge of ERP


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"ERP is not allowed"

ban is only removed when appealed

a friend and i started a round doing jobs and messing around, we found a secret room and were making jokes about it being romantic and whatnot 2 more people came into the room and joined in, some raunchy words were said and then they attempted to kill my friend so i took him to med bay, i left and came back after finding another friend and they chased him while i went to sec for help. both my friend and the random showed up and they were detained. after a few moments while pleading his case on what was happening he said some very out of pocket words and was killed, and while i was playing music over his corpse we were both banned for erp, After a quick search i learned what erp was and feel really bad for ruining someone elses game and wheather or not im unbanned wont be commiting this crime again. 

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