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Frezon with pipe-based tritium creation


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Here's an advanced setup for making frezon. No pipes are stacked in this picture, so it should be clear how it's built.

Text next to filters indicates which gas they are set to filter. Tritium is made in the segment with a heater. Filters pointing into their own pipe network function by letting all gas through except that which they are set to filter.

Filter in top right corner is used to clear excess gas and let new fuel into the pipe chamber, set rate according to your available oxygen reserves.

Nitrogen filter is set to around 15 rate, it removes a portion of nitrogen that's created during frezon creation; from sleep gas decay.

To jump-start the contraption, a bit of nitrogen needs to be added to the freezer section.


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Here's another, more advanced contraption for making frezon. This time there's no venting of oxygen involved, only actual waste is vented so it's a very efficient design in terms of oxygen consumption.

The glassed off/spaced area is for making tritium. Plasma is input by top volume pump at 1 rate, oxygen on the bottom with 1.5 rate. It's prefilled with a bit of oxygen, heated with a thermomachine until it starts a burn. All but 2 filters in the glassed area are set to filter tritium, 1 is set to cp2 and 1 is set to water.

Left of the glassed area is where tritium is mixed into a typical frezon machine. You can see the tritium filter next to a 1x1 space vent.

You can watch it be built in a replay here https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2023/09/22/lizard-2023_09_22-20_39-round_33957.zip


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