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Easy and compact TEG setup


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Bottom side is the cold loop, a little bit (1000kpa at start) of plasma being cooled by a freezer with a volume pump to vent potential excess pressure.

On top side, there's two chained canisters being fed through the TEG into a spaced passive vent. Pump is maxed out. The yellow canisters contain near pure co2, leftover from a fuel mix burning inside them. They are chained merely for convenience, so it can be maintenance free for a longer time.

You can obtain such fuel canisters by filling one with 66% plasma, 33% oxygen and heating it to 100C. Easiest method is to wrench the canister to a connecter+heater combo, then immediately unwrench it. This fills up the heater and connector with a bit of gas, the less gas in heater the faster it heats it up. Leave the heater on until it reaches 100C, it then starts burning inside the heater. After it reaches a few thousand degrees inside the heater, wrench your canister on the connector to start a burn in the whole canister. All further fuel canisters can be simply wrenched down on the preheated connector to start the ignition.

2 such canisters should last something under an hour, assuming you leave the pump that goes into TEG at 4500kpa.


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