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Zombie's appeal


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Ban reason: Reading Woody Got Wod
Length of ban: Appeal
Events leading to the ban: Just after dying, I respawned as a pAI. I kinda realised I wasn't happy with things as is and the round seemed very close to ending, so in a bid to get killed I read aloud the Woody Got Woodccopypasta to a couple of others, prompting others to card/gib me.I was banned shortly thereafter.
Reason the ban should be removed: As agreed, I've left it a week since posting my original appeal. I really want to reiterate I'm sorry for reading it in the first place - I realise now that it's unambiguously unacceptable here, and will not do so again. If there are any doubts, please open up here and I will happily address your concerns - my prior record in server I would expect to be fairly clean (save for accidentally welderbombing my first day back in server, but no harm save for a fuel stain in engineering). I have no malicious intent and just want to enjoy the game like everyone else.

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  • Game Admin

I suggest you stay clear of all topics that are zero tolerance, even in the 3rd party context of it happening elsewhere or generally. I also recommend you re-read our rules and pay close attention to the zero tolerance ones as you seem to have a propensity to put your foot in your mouth in trying to discuss them, just don't. Any further infractions will likely lead to a voucher or permanent ban. 
We have removed your ban.

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