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Note: Admins will not support you, and neither will I if something breaks. Do some research and fix it yourself!
So it turns out SS14 can run on a chromebook. Here's a full-ass fucking guide on how to do it!

You'll need Linux on the chromebook for this one. To install it, go to settings and search for "Linux".

First off, download the Linux launcher and shove the zip in the linux files. We're going to need that.

Next, open the Linux terminal and do "unzip SS14.Launcher_Linux.zip". Alright, we have the game! But there's one more step we have to do. 

Run "sudo apt install libalut-dev" to install a package needed for SS14 to run (OpenAL). Now, do ./SS14_Launcher, join a server, and watch the chromebook die!

Expected frames: 20-40 (depends on chromebook)

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I know it has been QUITE some time but do you know any way to fix a problem regarding exec format error after inputting ./SS14_Launcher?

I have tried searching for multiple solutions for this problem, apparently it has something to do with me having aarch64 but I dont know what to do after that.

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