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Engi ban appeal for plasma flooding.


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Role(s): All the engineers jobs (CE, ATMOS TECH, ENGI ECT.) account name: Dean_
Length of ban:    It is appeal only. 

Events leading to the ban: Short version because this my second attempted to plasma folded as a friendly and tried to play it off in A help. (if you want a more details events fell free to ask)
Reason the ban should be removed: I fully understand what i did was wrong. on my last attempt you told see to get a week or two of good replay in to prove i can be trusted. since then i have unlocked all the head jobs and unlocked caption. i belle i have proven i can be trusted because i have played many shifts as his on LR and the official MR server. I have also played hop and some of the other heads. (have yet to have cap as a open job). So i hope that it is enuf to show i can be trusted. 

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