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Huturo - "Banned for telling others to "Kill yourself" in OOC."


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Ban reason: "Banned for telling others to "Kill yourself" in OOC. Appeal on the forums."
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: Let me just be honest. I was playing as a security officer, somewhere after 1 hour of the round captain told security to come to bridge, because HoP was giving everyone all access and some of the ID cards was fried in a microwave by HoP. I decided to come to bridge, captain led me into HoP room, then he gave me an order to arrest HoP because of the reason above. I arrested, then captain demoted the HoP, then after like 10-20 minutes HoP started a riot infront of the bridge, captain called security to bridge again, I decided to try and calm the riot down, but when I tried to arrest some of the rioters (HoS ordered me to), some of them tried to release their "friends" and they kept rioting, after 10-20 minutes after the riot, we tried to put HoP into perma because she started the riot. Evac arrived after some time, then I decided to transport the prisoner to evac, then clown started helping HoP with escaping, after some time I tried to kill them both with lethal weaponry because my stunstick was stolen and I had no other choice. No one even tried to help me from sec, not even anyone. I decided to just spit on this and shelter in security chamber in the evacuation shuttle. After round ended that HoP without any ID just decided to break in sec and kill me while I was trying to heal detective, then HoP just said "hop 1 secoff 0" in LOOC, after no one helped me and I got killed without any self defense weapons on me, I got really mad, I just said "kill yourself" once in OOC to that HoP, then I just decided to ragequit after next round started, then I just go sleep. After 1-2 days I join ss14 and I see the ban message.
Reason the ban should be removed: I got no warning after I said that, even if there was admins in game and I waited for the next round, that's like three minutes. I didn't really mean to say that, but I was really mad at other seccies because no one decided to help me, then HoP anyhow just opened sec door and killed me. I'll just think of what I will be saying again, and try to never say anything offensive ever again.

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Yeah, that happened once, I was just patrolling, then I saw someone called sec to med, because of "bombing", I asked people what happened but they didn't even tell me anything, then I just decided to leave then doctors decided to just tell sec to "LEAVE NOW" from medbay

I admit that, I'll try to not make this mistake ever again


By the way, the screenshot which you put in the message earlier, it was from a different round

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just to mention
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34 minutes ago, lonesoldier55 said:

I understand getting heated in the moment when things go sideways but I found instances where you've threatened to metagrudge other players as well:


You have a habit of getting overly-heated in OOC and LOOC and we will not tolerate threats of metagrudging.

I guess it also means my appeal is denied.

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On 8/29/2023 at 12:26 AM, lonesoldier55 said:

No, I just want to make sure there's an understanding that you need to be a lot less aggressive in OOC.

I understand, I will just watch my fingers now and control myself

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