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uncle_ben - blowing things up


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Ban reason: ''I was only going to warn you but disconnecting during an ahelp is an appeal ban.''
Length of ban: indefinite I'm pretty sure
Events leading to the ban: It was some time ago, but from what I remember, I was bored as all my friends left the game, and I then decided to take two fuel barrels, put them together and blow them up in the middle of a hallway with a blowtorch. I then left because I didn't want to continue playing which got me banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: Well I kinda f'ed up... I was bored and had been playing for a couple hours. It was a while ago too, I seriously don't know why I did it. I don't usually do stuff like this but eh, I made a mistake. I'd like the ban to be lifted because I'd like to replay the game on the server that I had the most fun on when I played the game. I seriously won't do it again, it was a stupid mistake. And furthermore, I don't think it's accurate to perma ban me for a minor disruption (I don't remember killing anyone in the blast) and I was not aware that I could get banned for leaving then.

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