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Roleban appeal from command roles


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This is going to be quite lengthy but I want to make sure I say everything I have to say. I was rolebanned for being captain on Detroit and calling shuttle Very early due to the map. I understand this sounds damning but here are the reasons I deemed it ok in this situation.

After having everyone in command tell me to shuttle repeatedly, I called a vote and Ahelped to ask what they thought by the rules on this. I got no response and shuttle votes was almost unanimously yes. I believe I voted a second time to make sure nobody was joking and got another yes. So, I called shuttle.

When centcomm magically recalled it I faxed them about it, also getting no response from higher ups. I continued to do votes and calling since I wasn't being made aware of more than 1 or 2 people saying no. 

Admins continued to recall shuttle and I continued to vote & call. After a few back and forth a the entirety of bridge exploded into nothingness. I later got revived but I feel that is no longer necessary to tell the story of

TLDR: I believe being told by admins that shuttle votes are "stupid and meaningless" is inaccurate, as well as I think it's silly to roleban a captain for listening to their crew and command staff. I wish to be re-opened to command staff since being banned for wanting the crew to have fun on a decent station should be within my rights. An admin forcing us to play Detroit after everyone wanting to leave is a bit of a power trip imo.

I ask any admins reviewing this case check out the round if they can and have time. In my shoes I felt it was being asked of me from all directions 

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