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Xanthos - Ban Appeal


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Ban reason: Violation of Zero tolerance rule 02 - Bigotry, slurs, racism, specism
Length of ban: Only removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: I died and turned into a borg, my creator asked me to make a joke and so I told him the joke, "Humans are like coffee. Not everyone likes them dark"
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe this ban should be removed because it was a joke (not even mine, I took it from a video I saw yesterday). I am black and my wife is Indian, neither of us found this joke to be offensive, I guess I could see how it might be offensive to some people, but you have to understand the intent is humor and not maliciousness against anyone in particular. If given another opportunity to play I definitely will not be making any jokes of this variety as it seems some people may interpret my attempt to make them laugh as malicious intent. Thank you for the consideration.


This was on Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] 

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