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Game Events and SS14


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I'd like to open up a discussion with player suggestions to improve admin-run game events. As SS14 matures, there will be undoubtedly many admin-run events and it would be a good idea to get some player feedback.

I'll start with a suggestion:

Newly joined players should be notified of current ongoing events so they can adjust their roleplay expectations. In some SS13 servers this was done with a big chat message saying that there's an ongoing event. Since SS14 chat log is a much smaller part of the UI, a simple text popup window with brief explanation would work better, similar to how server rules are displayed for new players. Would help prevent confusion and undesired interactions between participants.

As for the content of events, that's as subjective as storytelling so I don't have much to say about that. Personally I believe events that remove players from a round should involve a way for them to get back into a round, but cheapening death in such a way/reinforcements may not work for all events.



Feel free to contribute.

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related to that situation, the vote was extremely vague and didnt mention anything that would be happening, just a general "cops r bad" attitude. naturally every tider and clown would vote for this so its a very skewed vote. same thing as bozos doing a shuttle "vote" roundstart on barratry, of course everyone will vote yes, doesnt mean it should be done

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I have to agree that events need to be properly telegraphed if they're to be enjoyed. Knowing a round is on Extended, for instance, lets me curb any expectation of a fair fight or that I'll have any natural emergent roleplaying happening. I do wish that moments with key targets, such as Ian being made into a giant golden sun - therefore effectively disabling him or making him as an objective infinitely harder - were also telegraphed properly and treated with the same cadence, like events, but some rounds I just have to expect a giant GIF of a cat or whatever on the ground to have to work around.

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