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[Banning Admin Unknown] - SS14 Account: Shlumped


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SS14 account: Shlumped

Character name: Alvin Paul

When was the ban: The 15th of January

Server you were playing on when banned: Miros

Your side of the story: The ban reason was listed as "Racial slur, Nword." Though I don't recall ever saying the n word. I do remember there being a round that was flagged as being particularly racist though I wasn't involved. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe the justification for my unbanning is that I didn't say the thing I'm being accused of saying. I'm not sure I give a particularly high amount of value back to the community besides regularly participating in rounds and being involved in doing my job. 


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  • Project Manager

Gotta come up with a better excuse than: I didn't do it. Ok maybe i did do it but im not white. Oh also i was only joking.

Better luck next time, please take at least a week or two until you make another appeal.


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