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Ban reason: Left during ahelp, sabotaging the station as a cyborg, multiple issues under one month
Length of ban: request to appeal because I ghosted ahelp - currently perma'd
Events leading to the ban: spilled chemicals as a clown, it pissed med off so when I got borged I went back to mess with them, was accused of sabotage despite not hurting anyone or destroying anything that couldn't be easily replenished. left during ahelp because I had something important to tend to IRL. 
Reason the ban should be removed: no ill intent, was not trying to SABOTAGE the station or mess gameplay up. i like to poke people and piss them off as a clown, which is acceptable on some other servers. i was not self-antag, fighting anyone, etc. if you want to roleban me from clown it's fine. any other issues were caused by me being a noob(magdumping a guy as sec, using lethals I confused with nonlethals, making anomalies as sci and not properly reporting them - i apologize for all and am not actively trying to be a shitter) 

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  • Project Manager

This is your third ban. It is highly likely that even if you hadn't disconnected from an ahelp or been offline at the time that you would be dealing with an appeal ban anyways.

You have had multiple and significant noted issues where you appear to just be trying to get away with as much disruption as possible without it elevating to "sabotage" by your definition. Destroying "easily replaceable" supplies is still destroying supplies for no reason and being a bit of a dick.

Your next ban or significant issue is highly likely to result in a voucher ban as it is very difficult for us to believe you are not actively trying to be a detriment to the game. I am adjusting this ban to one week from now. I strongly suggest you are on your best behavior.

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