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mottainai- banned for over escalation


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Ban reason: Overescalation, murdered a player who threw 2 banana peels into botany
Length of ban: until appealed
Events leading to the ban: The person I killed was harrassing me as botanist. He threw 2 banana peels but was encouraging others to harass me as well. After I beat him to crit his body was taken straight to medbay. He then came back with another person who killed me and ate/destroyed every bit of food in botany after breaking the tables and shutters to get in. When I got back to botany he came and taunted me. When I went back after him after the taunts I lost and then got pinged from the admin.
Reason the ban should be removed: These people were going out of their way to provoke me, and I took the bait. I will do my best not to let others get to me and over escalate. 

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So, from my understanding of the replays, someone throws two banana peels into botany, you decide to come out and attack them, they run away from you, manage to get your scythe and try to defend themselves, and go into critical condition due to you punching them. Them dropping does not stop you, and you keep on attacking them for a good while, killing them.

They then come back and this time maliciously throws banana peels into botany, and you come out once more to attack them, this time two against one, and you lose this battle. They however do not continue attacking you beyond critical condition, and leave you with the paramedic who came on the scene.

Some time later on, the player comes back to taunt you, and leaves without further confrontation. You decide to, again, leave your department to go fight them. You again lose this fight as there was an officer with a sword nearby as you were assaulting the player who did not seem to want to continue the dispute.


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There is barely any provocation here, if any at all. They threw some banana peels, so you immediately ran out to kill them with a scythe, then tried to do it multiple times before getting dunked on. You’ve also had several candid conversations with admins in the past month over how much escalation is appropriate because you frequently appear to get involved in trying to kill people for unclear reasons at best.

I would also like to notate that you are frequently extremely hostile to our administrators in ahelp and have shown to decide to violate rules after you don’t like an answer an admin gives you. I also see this is your second appeal ban in just over a month.

This is a voucher ban by policy. Do not appeal this ban for at least six months and be ready to provide a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. Denied.

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