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Repo - Changeling: Admin Repo griefing security with his ACAB event

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In round #31252 the admin Repo instigated a lynching of entire security department, I was a late join security officer.

HOS called us to bridge for a meeting, a fake security officer with a scientist PDA starts talking about a mutiny, I handcuff the mutinier. Then HOS proceeds to shoot everyone on bridge with his SMG, critting me. Later on HOS is using syndicate gear to attempt to kill me a second time, with other people assisting him. After ahelping this self antag behavior I was told by admin Repo to "help him out" despite him trying to kill me twice. I proceed to try to get information from admin Repo as to what is even going on, I receive no response until I am dead. Allegedly tried to subtle message me, but I don't even know where such a message is supposed to show up and how am I supposed to notice during such a situation.

I'm frankly pissed that an entire department got lynched and blatant grief was labeled as an event.

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  • Project Manager

This topic has been moved out of admin message to the new admin complaints section. I will begin collecting information related to this complaint and looking into it soon.

Once staff complaints are processed, they are either made public for everyone to be able to read or remain private. Regardless of this, your identity may need to be revealed to the subject of your complaint to fully investigate it. Do you have a preference on if you'd like your complaint to be made public or remain internal once it is completed?


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  • Chief_Engineer changed the title to Repo - Changeling: Admin Repo griefing security with his ACAB event

I apologize for making this thread in the incorrect section, wasn't aware there is a staff complaints subforum.

You can make this public if you wish, it's not conforming to the subforum template so it will at least be another example of what not to do.

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  • Project Manager
  • Solution

Thank you for your complaint. I've concluded investigating it and will be accepting it with the following findings and resulting actions:

  1. Repo reported the event as required by admin policy 2.5. The event report was sufficiently accurate, but did not report a brief self insertion during the event. Ideally, the self insertion would have been included in the event report, but given current policy and the nature of the self insertion, it is reasonable that it was not logged in this instance.
  2. There were no Leviathan event reports recent enough to this event that it'd suggest an event should not have been run at the time.
  3. A vote for the event ran and passed, however it may not have been clear that the vote was for an event or admin intervention. Repo identified this issue when contacted about the complaint before it was presented as an issue. In addition to it being unclear that the vote was for an event, the complainant was in-game but appears to have been performing a search at the time of the vote, so it is possible that the vote was missed by them entirely.
  4. After the event had begun going in a direction other than what was intended, Repo briefly inserted themselves as a centcom official in what appears to have been entirely an attempt to steer the event IC, rather than participate in it. Admin policy allows this sort of self insertion.
  5. During the self insertion, Repo remained adminned without an apparent need to use admin tools for the event. It is reasonable that Repo may have forgotten to deadmin during the insertion, and there is no apparent use of admin tools, other than ahelp, during the insertion. This is technically a violation of admin policy 2.4, though it appears to be minor and does not appear to have contributed significantly to the overall issues experienced by players.
  6. During the self insertion, Repo used ahelp to respond to an ahelp made by the complainant which involved them. There is no evidence that this was done maliciously. The response may not have been significant enough to give rise to a violation of admin policy 2.1, and it doesn't appear to have been within the spirit of the sort of admin messaging forbidden by admin policy 2.4, but it could reasonably be seen as inappropriate and may have been a violation of both policies.
  7. Repo was reminded of admin policies on self insertions and on admins handling cases they are or were involved in.
  8. The event appears one which could have been justifiable under admin policy 2.5, but which went unexpectedly, rather than one which was entirely unacceptable.
  9. I was unable to find logs indicating that the complainant was subtle messaged, as indicated by the ahelp, but did find logs that other players had been subtle messaged.
  10. Repo identified issues with the incident when contacted about the complaint before those issues were brought up, and was receptive to feedback. In the exchange discussing the complaint, Repo met the requirements of admin policy 1.1.
  11. Repo was advised to not run large events alone, particularly so soon after completing their trial period. Repo was also advised that people are unlikely to look favorably on events where others are perceived to be allowed to break rules, especially security, without very good pre-round communication and expectation setting about the event.

Unprompted, Repo offered an apology to be relayed in this thread:


Hey Changeling,

I wanted to reach out and apologize for how the Event I ran played out during the game. My intent was to add a bit of a twist and make things more engaging with the HOS being bribed by a syndicate and Couping, which was originally player-generated in-character. Still, I recognize it ended up affecting your gameplay experience.

I should've been more clear with the vote and monitored the situation better to prevent things from going awry, where you ended up getting the short end of the stick. It wasn't my intention to single anyone out or disrupt your in-game experience.

Your feedback is valuable, and I'll definitely keep it in mind for future events. In retrospect, I should've shared these thoughts during our aHelp, but things can get hectic at times, and it slipped my mind.

I genuinely value the game environment and the experiences of all players. I missed the mark this time, and I'm committed to doing better in the future.


The following is information related to the investigation of the complaint which is being released:

Relevant round: Leviathan 31252
Replay: https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/leviathan/2023/08/17/leviathan-2023_08_17-12_04-round_31252.zip


With a Syndicate Agent:
A syndicate agent asks if they can use the lobbying kit on any of the members of command. Repo correctly identifies the question as something which is being discussed internally, then grants permission to the player. The player relays that the HoS has agreed to a security led coup and Repo indicates that they are in contact with the HoS. Repo indicates that they will attempt to convince other security to participate if needed.

With the HoS:
HoS ahelps to ask for guidance on what to do when a syndicate is attempting to negotiate. The HoS indicates that they'd like to try to lead the negotiator to get more out of them before arresting them, to which Repo responds by encouraging cooperation and saying that they can run a vote if the HoS would like to proceed. The HoS agrees. Repo and the player discuss plans before the player indicates that they've been discovered. Repo indicates that they're attempting to recover the event and then rejects a request for a "round 2" from the player, saying "nah this has gone terrible".

With a player using mapped Centcom gear:
Though related to the event, this ahelp appears mostly tangential. Repo attempts to identify where the player found the centcom gear, then tries to get the player to help recover the event saying "can you get all the sec back to sec for a meeting, this centcom thing threw a spanner in the works".

With the complainant:
Complainant indicates that they've been murdered for the second time by the HoS using syndicate gear, and that another player assisted. Repo says that they'll get the complainant back up, instructs them to "help him out", and informs them that they'll make an announcement, saying they thought "the 1984 was clear enough". The complainant expresses their dissatisfaction with the event, to which Repo responds saying that the ran a vote and attempted to subtle message the complainant.

📥 **Changeling:** Fox Bridgeton murdered me second time as hos using syndicate gear
📥 **Changeling:** Phryganoporus Formosanus assisted him
📤 **Repo:** ill get you back up, help him out. ill make a anouncement as i thought the 1984 was clear enough.
📥 **Changeling:** I wasnt here and this is blatant self antag by whoever is assisting him
📥 **Changeling:** can I just kill everyone or is this what you want, for sec to die?
📥 **Changeling:** just so you know I will be making an official complaint on forum on you personally for murdering entire security department with your \"event\" and ruining our round
📥 **Changeling:** all for some \"ACAB\" bullshit politics
📤 **Repo:** Alright thats fair, i ran the vote earlier, it was a overwhelming majority. i subtle messaged you a couple of times, but clearly you didnt see it or not interested.
📥 **Changeling:** I cant see subtle messages when there's constant people talking and people shooting
📤 **Repo:** Yeah it was a bit hectic. the round is set to end now anyway.

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