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Making shuttles, part 1


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Hey there, it's me! That guy who is still stuck in the depths of procrastinating a ban appeal.
Anyway, today I'm starting a small series on how to make shuttles.
Let's talk about what you need- wait doesn't the wiki cover this?? Ah, I'm still gonna say what I use.
First off, to make a stable shuttle you'll need Generators. These can be found from space wreckage, or on the ship. I'd preferably use 4. (Saltern has 2...)
The other thing you'll need is thrusters. I use 4 of them due to OCD issues, but 2 works fine. (One in front to propel you backwards if needed, one behind to... propel you fowards into SPAAAAAACE)

Once you get the generators set up, get a substation down (connected to the generators) to make the energy MV, and use MV wires to connect the substation to an APC. Then, use LV wires for connecting everything up!

The next thing you'll need is Gyroscopes! 1 works fine for any shuttle needs.
Finally, you'll need a shuttle console. Sadly, these are uncraftable (to my knowledge, correct me in the comments if I'm wrong). If you can get your hands on one, though, you're set!
Also, something to note: You cannot make an atmos grid in a shuttle! This means having extra air canisters is a MUST for space expeditions.
Well, that's all! Happy shuttling and don't get yourself killed!
Part 2 whenever I feel like it.

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