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[AccountNameNOTTaken] - [banned from engineer job list]

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= For role/job bans =

Role(s): [engineering jobs]

banned from Lizard
Length of ban: [10/10/22 for 2 weeks ( must summit an appeal )]
Events leading to the ban: [triggering singularity freedom, messing up the atmo with all gasses, blowing up the AME my setting it to high]
Reason the ban should be removed: [to be honest, my ban was fair. I didn't know what I was doing. its been almost a year since the ban and I think I just have gotten better at understanding what does what. I've been playing a lot of the ss13 and have learned not to be a noob who runs around not knowing what they are doing. also it would be nice to actually enter engineering sector without the threat of having a job permaban looming over me]

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