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Banned by a trial admin named Repo who lied or dident care lol


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Series of events

>be me

>started as a bartender

>fed a guy cogchamp, made him talk funny he dident like that, broke up my bar with a cutless

>oooOooOooo pirates

>I want to kill piratesĀ 

Anyway I trolled around med end up finding the wardens PDA n getting access to armory n gear up, start looking for pirates and theyre all dead, never once did I go around sabatoging anything, targetting anybody, doing anybody wrong to anyone but somebody from med spotted me n realized I wasent the warden, ended up me trying to make a less than speedy getaway in a hardsuit n the med shoved me right inside the library backroom and I turned around and shot him, got immediatly messaged by the Repo guy so I figured I just shot the admin so fml, accuses me of self antagging when I literally dident in no way shape or form, because im not trying in anyway to harm station, and its not RDM because it wasent random I just dont wanna go to perma for stealing the captain pda n arming myself for the pirate menace AND i would like someone to find ANY PROOF AT ALL of a "previous instance of RDM and LYING TO Ahelp ABOUT IT THAT LITERALLY NEVER HAPPEND.

Anyway, dude dident even bring up "previously lying in ahelp" so thats that, main gripe ive got about it.


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