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outdoorman - Crashing Server in Sandbox Mode


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Ban reason: "Intentionally crashing servers in sandbox mode while other people were connected"
Length of ban: Indefinite / Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: 

I was in Miros, playing with another individual and were rat-kings. The air quality on the station was not good someone spaced us im not sure, got into a gunfight with a dude (i thought sandbox was whatever goes), we both die and I make a singularity which is promptly deleted. It looks like it took a chunk out of a room, and then a server-vote was called to restart the round which succeeded. At that  point when the round was round-end, I made a bunch of singularities to eat the station and wrap up the round. Since someone fricked the air, and it was round end, I felt it was totally okay to eat the station. I did not know singularities would cause the server to crash! i said in ooc that i love making servers crash more of a reference to what the heck how is that a thing if that makes sense.

After server went down, i joined leviathan and about 5 mins in was kicked out for this ban.

Reason the ban should be removed: I didn't know it would crash a server - full stop. and I think just an ahelp as I was online would've been nice for me to explain what happened. I will never spawn a singulairty in a sandbox server (round-end or not) again. I legitimately though sandbox was whatever you want - sorry if i messed up some creation of someones with the first one, didnt intend to cause rage


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how can this possibly be construed as anything but you deciding to ruin everything by intentionally crashing a server to be an asshole

this is clearly laid out in our rules but even then I can't see how you don't think intentionally bringing down our servers is an OK thing to do

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I am telling you I did not make it crash intentionally, I don’t know how else I can put it. The screenshot you provided has the chats out of order, i did not do it to be an a-hole and I did not think spawning singularity would make the server crash. I said I love making them crash as more like, wow I can’t believe it crashed, I am asking you to trust me that I:

A: have no knowledge what makes or doesn’t make a server crash. If you watch the replay I was just spawning them to eat the station.

even if I did,

B: I play this game multiple hours a day, why would I screw that up? 

C: if I wanted to crash it, why would I wait until round-end? If I was the a-hole here why wouldn’t I do it during play? 

I genuinely emphatically did not intend to crash it, I swear. I was only trying to destroy the statin at round-end. I don’t know what else to say. I did not want to crash the server.

I think even if you were to take my posts in the context here I say anything goes because that’s what I genuinely thought sandbox was. To say that it was 100% my intention to crash miros is just wrong, and I waited until round end. All I’m asking for is a little grace and understanding that I didn’t want to crash the server. Sorry if it caused issues, that was not me intention - only to eat the station.

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Games in beta and when someone does something that shows there's a bug or defect in the code they get banned.

Lovely, really goes against the play-testing mentality.

Any amount of singularity shouldn't crash a server, and if it does there should be a hard coded limit on how many can be spawned. Just my two cents.

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On 8/2/2023 at 10:52 PM, outdoorman said:

If it did crash I’m really sorry, won’t happen again. I had no idea there was a limitation. Seriously and genuinely did not want to crash the server.

Don’t ruin the server to “get revenge” on someone and don’t make the perception of it worse by gloating that you “love crashing servers”. If it wasn’t for that comment you probably would have just been warned.

As for repeated peanut posting a game in beta or whatever you want to call it is unlikely to be crash proof and it is not unreasonable to expect players to not actively try to ruin the server.

Accepted. Don’t do it again please.

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