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Username: Starman. Roleplaying as a character that was a clear reference to Adolf Hitler.


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Username: Starman

Ban reason: Roleplaying as a character that was a clear reference to Adolf Hitler

Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: (I was banned for almost 1-2 years ago so I might not remember the entire story) One day I was playing on the server when someone had a hitler mustache. And then another person (HOP prob) gave him a coat and said that he is Hitler. After that, I was a bit bored and decided to name myself Adript Driptler. On the day of the ban, I became captain and renamed my job to chancellor of SS-14. After that an admin exploded me and told me that I cant do that, I said sorry and that I will rename myself. But he still perma bans me.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was young, naive and stupid at the time and I didnt know whats right and whats wrong. I would like to apologize for any mistakes I made and I will never do it ever again. I will follow the rules in this server and become a law abiding player. Finally, I would like a second chance to play on this server as this is the only vanilla ss-14 server.

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