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bingusdingus-"suggestive comments about space lube"


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Ban reason: "suggestive comments about space lube to the extent of making people uncomfortable. multiple problems with MRP in the past"
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I was RPing in the bar, when I decided to go to the chem lab to make some space lube, (I was chemist). I made 90u of space lube to spark (NORMAL ALLOWED) discussion, I walked to bar and said 'I made 90u of space lube' when people asked me why, I said 'in case someone needs 90u of space lube', one person said 'Space lube is only used for mischief' or something like that, I said: 'It has legitimate applications (referring to in canon where it does, as indicated within the space lube discription)'. I was then told by CMO to dispose of the space lube, I, Jokingly, raised the beaker to my mouth, this was intended to convey my character jokingly threatening to drink the lube, in case thats what the 'suggestive comments' were. I then was chased by CMO back to the lab where I disposed of the chemical.
Reason the ban should be removed: I, genuinely, was NOT trying to be suggestive about space lube, I really have no idea where anyone got suggestiveness from, im not saying people were made uncomfortable by it, however I am legitimately unaware of the suggestive connotation of mechanical lubrication. any uncomfortability is entirely coincidental on my behalf, I deeply apologise to any uncomfortability I have caused, if you would tell me the mischarecterised statement, please tell me.

also, I have been trying to improve at RP, I will admit I am quite new to the practice.

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This is your sixth noted issue on MRP in two months alone. You were de-whitelisted from MRP for a reason. This is also your second appeal ban, so we are extending an olive branch even entertaining this appeal so soon.

This ban is being reduced to a week, but you are banned from MRP ("Wizard's Den Salamander", or any other designated MRP servers we might make in the future). If anyone catches you connected to MRP you will be voucher banned immediately. We currently do not have the ability to bar your connection to a specific server with our shared bans, so you are functioning on the honor system -- don't connect to Salamander, we won't voucher ban you.


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