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Moony - Farbott


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SS14 account: Farbott
Character name: Harold Jankovich
When was the ban: 10 minutes ago or somethin?
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I join in mid round because I forgot to ready up, didn't like what I chose so I went and suicided out the airlock, get brought back to lobby, and Moony asks me to change, so I just pick assistant thinking that's what they meant, a little after I ####### explode. Then they say change your RP character or whatever. Obviously I ask why because I don't see anything wrong, 'Black character with Red eyes' I ask how that's racist, I've used this character since I've joined the server, multiple different jobs all fitted to it. They say because they only recognized it now. So I ask again 'How is it racist' and get NO response to that question but to change it, so while I sit here wondering what dope they're on, I get permabanned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn't even do anything wrong? I don't mass grief, I don't cause singulooses or kill all of sec every round, I don't space the station every chance. I try to actually do my jobs and be a competent chef, salvage man once I find out how, and not a shitsec. Or just mess around with my friend on the server and see what new story I have to tell later.
Anything else we should know: If you aren't sure about all this then ask Espacito, hes on the discord. I play with him a bunch and a few others. He can confirm I actually try to play the game.

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l'm going to go under the good-faith assumption you've genuinely never seen that appearance used in that context (congrats, you don't live in a racist backwater town) and unban you. I do have to ask you do not use that appearance in the future.

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