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Ban appeal, Dec, sex content misunderstanding


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Ban reason: Sexual content is strictly forbidden, please read rules before appealing
Length of ban: I don't know, it doesn't say
Events leading to the ban: Hello, I am a new player in game. I was just playing a normal game as a janitor cleaning in the back peipes and learning how to do stuff, I am new to the role playing thing so I was not sure if i am doing it ok. I was kid napped and stripped off my stuff, then I went to bar and someone told me to get clothes and I told them I didn't had, then some guy tells me to come and I wrote to him 'cums' like comes, to come with him then five minutes later I got a message from admin asking me about. I told them it's just a misunderstand because I am not the best in writing quickly in Endglish and then I logged off but now I logged in and i am banned so I am here

Reason the ban should be removed: It was just a a misunderstand, I only got the game yesterday and I haven't had any trouble thanks

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You spent the better part of one of your rounds playing as "Yorik" and claiming to be from the far-off land of "1459" and seem to have done a pretty good job of typing out an accent for ye olde English. I don't think your English is as bad as you make it out to be or you think it is. Furthermore:


You claim both in ahelp and appeal that "cums" was in response to someone telling you to go somewhere, yet:


I don't see anywhere in the chat logs for that round over the course of 20+ seconds anyone saying anything remotely like that. All I see immediately before that is you emoting "farts" so assumedly "cums" goes after it as you try to find increasingly more annoying things to put in the emote chat.

We don't really care that you said "cums" once over your 15 hours of playtime but I am more worried about if you claiming it being an English error is actually true or not.

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Hello, thanks for the proper response. Yorik is a character I like to play but the accent is 'translated' with the ingame feature by adding a trait, idont know how to write like I am from the old times really. I mistakedly wrote 'cum' and I have learned my lessons to be more careful in future - I like the game a lot it's very unique so I want to be able to play on the official servers in peace, I am still very new and learning. I won't do it again.

Thank you and have a nice day

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