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Roastedchestnut - metacomming with 2 others

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= For game bans =


Ban reason: Metacomming
Length of ban: Perma unless appealed
Events leading to the ban: I decided to play a round as chef. I cooked food normally until the station inevitably started falling apart and people kept jumping over and eating my food. I needed meat since most of my meat got devoured. I went to cargo and ordered and pig. On the way back I'm stopped by a guy who wants me to cut up a sloth. I kinda ignore him and kept dragging my pig but he follows me into the freezer. I kinda just left the sloth there and I believe the other chef that was with me cut it up. Eventually This same person dragged another animal into the freezer which was a raccoon I believe. Again I kinda just left it there and the other chef cut it up. I then made food for a little but eventually left when i got low on meat again. I went to medbay to request a body from the morgue and a med personnel gave me permission to use a soulless departed body from the morgue. I get back to the freezer and with said corpse and chop it up for the brain. I make the brain into a brain cake and freed it to people demanding food. Eventually I need more meet so I head over to the morgue once again to go pick up another body. Hop gives me permission to cut up a clown who has no soul. I bring the corpse back to the freezer. I am then questioned by the admin about cutting up the body. He tells me I can't do that because its self antag but I plead with him that I have received permission to receive soulless bodies. He eventually tells me I'm good and in the clear until he tells me to wait a little bit. Eventually he tells me I'm metacomming with 2 other players. I ask him who he believed I was metacomming but I never got a clear answer. The only thing I was told was that someone tried critting an officer in my freezer. I was no where near the freezer when this happened and I never got a specific name of who. I never witnessed this body in the freezer he probably got dragged out by someone. I believe the admin name was qualude or something starting with a q. He told me him and another admin figured I must've been metacomming. I can only guess maybe the guy at the beginning who dragged animal corpses in the freezer was the guy they were talking about. I didn't question or stop him and maybe that set the admins off but stuff like that happens all the time in the game and I'd figure it would be way funnier to just let him do his thing. I was also busier with other things so I didnt want to deal with a whole confrontation. He mentioned 2 other people but thats the only person I could think of being someone I was suspected of metacomming with. I also suggested a slime as a throw away idea of who he thought I was metacomming with because there was a slime in the kitchen for half the shift. Alot happened in the round with a lot of people, and this is my first forum post so I may have missed some detail that the admin thought was a confirmation. I'll reply or make another appeal if there is issue with something I did not address.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was acting on my own for most of the shift. I occasionally chatted with people but mostly just watched stuff happen and didnt question alot. I play on the server quite a bit and I try my best to head to warnings or rules. I never messaged or talked to anyone to do anything for me. I mostly just played chef how I normally play chef. I have even been told previously by admins when I did similar antics of cutting soulless bodies that it was fine with permission. Playing the way I did as chef is usually how I always play chef and I have never had a serious altercation about it until this time.

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  • Project Manager

The other players involved in this were:

  • SplendorBlendor
  • ChaChaRealRough

IC names can be provided if you don't know who any of these players are in-game.

Do you know any of the players that were involved in this outside of the game?

Do you know or frequently interact with any of the players that were involved in this within the game?


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I mean I've seen bonifacious bingleton III quite a bit. I would say I see him in about a little less than half my shifts like 40%. Although inhales the chloroform and drinks the acid I've only seen like 2 times in a month. Tree wisington is a name I recognize but I don't see that one too often. I think the last time I saw that name was a couple weeks ago when I was playing medical. I don't know if you need anything else about them. Dont know much other than the jobs I see bonifacious bingleton usually play which I think is RD.

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All three of these appeals concern the same incident so I am just going to use the same reply for all of them:

There are some significant suspicions based upon available information that you might be metacomming with one another. Naturally this is very difficult for us to definitively prove without a doubt, thus the appeal process. The primary factors are:

  • Connections/playtime overlapping fairly frequently and at very similar times
  • Receiving items or assistance from other players without any in-game communication taking place
  • Performing actions that seem coordinated without any in-game communication

There was a prior suspicion of metacommunication stemming from an incident where other administrators noted that somehow, two of you as nuclear operatives with a hidden ID managed to get the third who was playing chemist to deliver complex healing foam chemicals to you without any communication whatsoever.

These appeals are accepted, however any further suspicion of metacommunication is likely going to result in a voucher ban. I would strongly suggest that if you are in fact communicating outside the game that you don't do that.

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