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SplendorBlendor Metacomming Ban Appeal

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Ban reason: Metacomming
Length of ban: Appealable ban (I do not know)
Events leading to the ban: I was chopping up a sec personnel who was alive but down in the kitchen. I originally entered the station kind of late and I was going to the kitchen area and saw brain cake and human organs being served as well a bunch of other messy foods. I wanted to join him so I leaped over the counter of the kitchen and was messing around (giving him organs and also eating some of the food supplies). Because he was chopping up bodies (or more like organs just in the freezer area), I went with the bit. I saw a slime dragging the sec body (gasping for air) so I took it and started beating it up so it becomes a corpse and make food from it. Everything was mainly just I saw it so I followed it. The admin thought I was metagaming with the slime and chef even though I mainly just saw stuff and went with it. The admin also mentioned that there was a previous suspicion that I was metagaming before as well but I have not played this game in a while so I was confused as to what they were talking about. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I was not metagaming but just following a suspected bit that I saw in the kitchen. 

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  • Project Manager

The other players involved in this were:

  • ChaChaRealRough
  • Roastedchestnut

IC names can be provided if you don't know who any of these players are in-game.

Do you know any of the players that were involved in this outside of the game?

Do you know or frequently interact with any of the players that were involved in this within the game?


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Can you provide the IC names? I dont recognize any of the names other than Roasted Nutman (sounds like Roastedchestnut) because he would play CMO every once in awhile and I would usually play medical doctor. I dont really interact with Roasted Nutman in game though (tbf I dont play this game that much and he was CMO like twice when I was on).


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All three of these appeals concern the same incident so I am just going to use the same reply for all of them:

There are some significant suspicions based upon available information that you might be metacomming with one another. Naturally this is very difficult for us to definitively prove without a doubt, thus the appeal process. The primary factors are:

  • Connections/playtime overlapping fairly frequently and at very similar times
  • Receiving items or assistance from other players without any in-game communication taking place
  • Performing actions that seem coordinated without any in-game communication

There was a prior suspicion of metacommunication stemming from an incident where other administrators noted that somehow, two of you as nuclear operatives with a hidden ID managed to get the third who was playing chemist to deliver complex healing foam chemicals to you without any communication whatsoever.

These appeals are accepted, however any further suspicion of metacommunication is likely going to result in a voucher ban. I would strongly suggest that if you are in fact communicating outside the game that you don't do that.

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