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Ban Appeal for Snorf


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[Snorf] - [naming character “BIG BOOBS”]
Ban Reason: naming character “BIG BOOBS”
Length of ban: “This ban may only be removed via appeal.” Events leading to the ban: It all starts about say like 7 months ago when I named my character "BIG BOOBS". At the time I had found this quite hilarious. I was not aware of the rules at the time as i kinda just treated it as TOS kinda thing and skimed through it. I do admitted at that time even if I understood the I would have probably ignored it cause "funnis". I played for awhile at the time and was never ahelped or warned I just kind of thought it was ok even though now I know it clearly isn't. That was the last time I played for a while cause I got kinda bored of the game and just didnt play for some time. Now fast forward to a few days I see some videos of really fun SS14 gameplay. I was really intrigued at the real Roleplay potential I had missed all those times ago. When I hop on Lizards to play again I did not pay attention to my name, as I thought I had the main character I play selected. I spawn in, and I get teleported to the sit-room. I was asked why I had that name , and I told replyed “oh yeah last time i was played about ehhh idk 7 months ago that was my name just forgot to change it”. About a 3 seconds after I sent that I was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I get that I was have a history of being a quote "shitter". I would agree that name would fit me for my actions at the time. I also understand the perma ban as I do have a history of being banned for time durations. However I would like to appeal I am no longer that type of people to go and throw station pets and SSD folks into disposals. I believe I am capable of more mature actions since the last time I have played and am ready to rejoin society as a reformed fella. I understand If this appeal is not accepted cause honestly what I did was kinda goofy but I belive I can be goofy in a way that can bring benefit to the players of this game without harm done.
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