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[Banning Admin unknown] - SCP-106


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SS14 account: TannCo
Character name: SCP-106
When was the ban: 2022/1/13
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: Last round someone do this trashbag meta to me, so I was thought it was legit to use. Next round I am a antagonist, then I decided to cosplay SCP-106 and put my target in trashbag and terminate him to reach my objective.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Now I know it's forbidden to use such bug in the game, I learned my lesson, from now and on, I will never doing such behavior.
Anything else we should know: That round I got trashbagged, Rusty self-antag put me in incinerator and burnt me alive, there were 3 other victims in that bag.

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Unbanned. Bug is patched now.

Ban was probably knee jerk to it happening a lot but thanks for making the appeal and have fun.

Best idea of 2021 award: urban legends. Runner up, p1** and 5h*t meter

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Oh ya. That was me. There was a lot of people exploiting that trash bag bug so I decided to start passing out 1 day bug exploitation bans for it. But then of course the awesome Peptide managed to get a fix out for it the next round.

Forgot about this ban, should've unbanned when it was fixed.

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