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My ban appeal


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fpsg - Killing CMO as non-antag

= For role/job bans =

SS14 account username: fpsg
Role(s): all of the security roles
Date of ban: 19.5.2023
Length of ban: only removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was just walking around in med when I got the dumb idea of killing the chief med officer. I walked up to one of the doctors and made him call the chief. Then we go in maintenece with chief and this is when I striked. I knocked him out and cuffed him. He managed to call out right before I removed his radio. And finaly I killed him, shoved in a locker and launched him into space. Then I myself died from space exposure.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think you should unban me because I have learned my lesson. Breaking roleplay is a stupid move which only ruins the game for others

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Bold claim to make seeing as you just now:

  • Asked an ahelp if you could be an antag
  • Didn't get a response
  • Pretended to be one anyways
  • Went to the HoP's office to break into it and try to give yourself AA
  • Lied to the administrator in ahelp about how your death by being shot by the Captain came to pass


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