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why my ban was extended


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SS14 account:Geser
Discord name:Geser

Byond accound:Geser

Character name:Rafael 

When was the ban: 2022/01/13 6:19 PM  UTC

Server you were playing on when Banned:Lizard

my side: my ban was extanded for no reason i got banned and i was talking about my ban in discord i wasnt saying that 1 day ban is bad i wasnt saying unban me i was just talking about my ban because i got banned for pottasium suicide-selfantagonist and i was about to stop trying to self explode and at that moment other player showed me so reagents blew up and i got banned i wasnt saying im dont get that ban  moony extended my ban 1 day ban to 4 days jsut for words i dont care about 1 day ban because her trought i sayed "i dont dont give a f**k about 1 day ban thats nothing to me" when i talk about that my 1 day ban fully deserved 

why my ban should be 1 day: because its absurd give me another 3 days for some little words


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and also i dont remember my full character name sorry i have bad memory

and i wont ansver because im playing on other server

oh wait there no only two good servers and one of them haves 5 people so i will reply



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