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shadows6 ban apeal for {r slur}


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SS14 account username: shadows6
Ban reason: apparently r slurs ( i never said anything like that in levi)
Date of ban: 7/16/2023
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban: well i just woke up loaded ss14 tried to join levi and said that i was baned, well i have never said any slurs to anyone directly other than like what the f happened here stuff like that not offense to anyone but there was this one guy that kept saying the n word and i called him racist maybe that's why but it was a while back
Reason the ban should be removed: i have very good manners never did anything mean and tried to pervent stuff like that and i truly never tried to offend anyone i read all the rules and i know them but really i did nothing and if i did somehow i appologize for it please just unban me i love this game i am really confused and sad

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i am really confused and sacred i won't be able to play again so please atleast if this get closed :( i wanna know why i never did anything JUST TELL ME WHY thats all i wanna know i legitmently did nothing agnest any rules

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