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Ban Appeal

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1 hour ago, lonesoldier55 said:





are these also your ideas of jokes

also not pictured is you immediately taking the Remi ghost role and harassing the players previously in possession of you, and generally spamming the chat

yeah why? too offensive? I forget that everyone isnt like my friend group.


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I’m the dude who hucked you as a pAi to into space, and who decoded that you were remi, bothering me about it like 5 mins after. The next round you were still pestering me. Called me a Nigerian pineapple also,  during aforementioned hucking. I was minorly confused when the banning admin gibbed the square you were on and since you were following me as a ghost I just blew up. Oh well. Not very cool when you’re walking around and a chat bubble pops up above you saying “advice: I hate black people” in a common area - I’m fairly certain 2-3 people think my character said it so I have to change that name now..

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