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[ Banning Admin unknown]-Leonard


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  1. SS14 account: Leonard.
  2. Character name: Yes man.
  3. When was the ban: About 2 or 3 week's ago. Server was Wizard 's den. 
  4. Your side of the story: I was playing as RD Research Director when I had the awful idea to make potassium bomb's and throw it at people I have no excuse for what I did. this ban and  with 4 other s under my belt got me a permanent ban.
  5. Why you think you should be unbanned: I love this game and I couldn't stop thinking about it I  don't want a instant unban I just don't want it being a permanent ban.
  6. Anything else we should know: The  ban about the water vapor I think was  kind wrong  I am pretty sure u cant release the vapor or any gas in the filtering room at engineer spawn I think I didnt release any other vapor canister and that I got blamed for it im not sure I may be very wrong.
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  • Game Admin

In this long time that you remained banned, I trust you know better in the future. Your history is pretty much one of a griefer with multiple reports. You will be unbanned, but you're on thin ice, do something bannable and I will put up a perma  again, with a longer time period before you can appeal, with a chance it could be unnapealable if we see you are lost cause.


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