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Trixieisacutie21 - Chem Role Ban


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SS14 account username: Trixieisacutie21
Role(s): Chemist
Date of ban: Around Early to Mid 2022
Length of ban: Indefinite, Possibly Appeal?
Events leading to the ban: From what I can remember, I was messing around as Chem and smoke spamming which wasted the Role. Eventually I drank some some potassium and water which caused a explosion that killed me. After that I got a temp Ban and then the role Ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: It's been some time and I wanted to appeal this Ban since I want to play chem again. It's also a requiement to become CMO. So I pretty much will behave so I don't get role banned again. 

(Sorry If this feels low-effort since I can't remember much from my ban)

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You must appeal this ban utilizing the SS14 account that was banned. Logging into the forums using your SS14 account information should be sufficient. You don't seem to have any recent problems so provided you can post an appeal from the banned account, you should be good.


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