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Teriyaki - Game ban


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SS14 account username: Teriyaki
Ban reason: Shot a Sec with a flare gun for trying to arrest them
Date of ban: Not to sure as it was around a year ago
Length of ban: Perm
Events leading to the ban: From what I can remember from the situation it was a semi new sec that was whacking me with there baton while it was off over and over, and was ignoring my plea to reason or talk/rp the situation and after warning over and over without response I fired a flare at them to get them off my tail
Reason the ban should be removed: I absolutely love the game and till this day I still have extremely fond memory's of the time I spent on the server and getting to know everyone and I've had a long time to chill down and rethink a lot and id love to be given another chance to be apart of the community, ill admit I was a lot more chaotic and sporadic back then but i personally have grown a lot over the year and will try to correct my previous behaviour and track record

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Let me preface this: You have eight notes on your account, five of them consist of some variation of "Killed [person] for doing [thing of very little/no consequence]", and apparently a sixth one if you count this ban.

We will accept this appeal. But please be aware that combined with your frankly prolific tendency to attack people with little (and often zero) provocation will not be tolerated 5-6 times as it has been. You will very likely land a ban that is only appealable with a voucher of good behavior from another server if you continue at the pace you did when you got banned. 

This appeal is accepted.

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