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deealer banned for jobban evadion


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SS14 account username: deealer
Ban reason: unknown according to title when I join
Date of ban: approximatly 4-8 months ago
Length of ban: indefinate until voucher
Events leading to the ban: im a syndicate mime im  trying to squeeze aa from the heads so I can complete my goals power goes out exactly when I need it and I get to cap to ask which ends up with me getting blue stuff even though in my paper I just wanted aa and made it obvious in my not but cap pushes it and im wearing the blue drip trying to complete my goals and im bleeped next round.
Reason the ban should be removed: I wasnt rrying to become captain or any head im a syndicate trying to get aa and abide by the rules even on delta V a server I am white listed on it was rough at the beginning but I was a law abiding person so I do not get why I was banned for being a syndicate trying to get aa

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Let me preface this with the fact that we collectively have noted several security-related gameplay issues from your character "William Death" that generally boil down to negligence/incompetence, with some powergaming sprinkled in between. The notes from DeltaV inspire little confidence that this trend has changed.

We will accept this appeal, however we will be placing appeal-only rolebans on the following roles/departments:

  • Command/Security - Due to general concerns about powergaming and general inability to perform the tasks demanded of the job, both from our own notes on file and DeltaV's notes
  • Cargo - Due to a pre-existing jobban for Cargonia and additional notes from DeltaV indicating the same issue

Let us make this clear: this will highly likely be your last chance. You are not permitted to get promoted to, transfer into, or work in the capacity of any of the jobs you are banned from, even as an antagonist. We strongly suggest you refamiliarize yourself with the rules.

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