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question about 'deez nuts' jokes



I would like to preface this by saying i would like to keep a professional environment, but would 'deez nuts' jokes be classified as ERP?

for example, could I get banned by having this conversation as a PaI.

"hello! please insert the correct CDs. for the requested task"

"CDs nuts lmao gottem"

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The ERP/sexual content rule prohibits any sexual content, only allowing some leeway for insults. "Deez nuts" jokes are sexual content and do not fall within the area of leeway, so are prohibited by the rule.

The current wording of the rule used to support this answer is:


Erotic Roleplay (commonly abbreviated as "ERP") and any sexual content is strictly forbidden.


Some leeway is afforded to insults, ex: 'You are a dickhead', but if you push the boundaries of this rule expect to be contacted about it.



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