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QM Role ban appeal

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SS14 account username: Baffles
Role(s): QM
Date of ban: Nov 2022 (Don't know exact date)
Length of ban: Permanent (Appeal Only) 
Events leading to the ban: I bolted a cargo tech inside a bathroom using my remote. I did not intend to injure or kill him and was going to let him out after a short time. I was messaged by an admin who had told me the cargo tech had died, I do not know how this happened and was told I would be banned from QM indefinitely and all other command roles for a week.
Reason the ban should be removed: This ban occurred a long time ago when I was still relatively inexperienced, I have changed a lot as a player and believe I am much more responsible and experienced. I understand why I was banned as my actions hurt the experience of other players and I am truly sorry for my actions. This was an isolated incident, I have not been talked to, warned or banned by admins since, and I believe that I can be trusted with the role again due to my experience and good behaviour in other command roles.

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