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Ban Appeal [EN] Wizzard's Den Lizard [Us West]


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SS14 account username: Jeffery Dahmer
Ban reason: RDM'n gib
Date of ban: 6/18/2023 11:40pm or 6/19/2023 12am, I had no idea i was in any ordeals and i tried to log on and it said i wasnt able to be spoken with so my aplogies on that
Length of ban: im not sure i couldn't find it anywhere i believe that probably means perma
Events leading to the ban:  I followed a man named artys and he ended up beating this person to death and out of giddiness i helped him, i got caught in the heat of the moment, I was unware i had caused any trouble with staff i apologize for that 
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe the ban should be removed for a 2nd chance is this game is still young (the remake) and i would like to give it an honest attempt it seems like a fun game to socialize and just immerse yourself into taking the time to learn the jobs and to do them correctly to try and obtain an even flow on the ship, I apologize for my actions and I am sorry , I will do my best to not cause anymore trouble or staff problems. I would honestly love a 2nd chance to try this game out and will have a more definitive understanding of the rules

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