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Job/Role Ban Appeal


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SS14 account username: neptyr
Role(s): Chemist
Date of ban:  6/13/23 or 6/14/23
Length of ban: 2 weeks

Events leading to the ban: I was making pills that were highly toxic and mislabeling them as "candy" I was also force feeding them to people. I had no intention of killing them, i brought everyone who i fed the pills to medbay.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned my lesson and understand the reason for my ban, I will no longer be feeding people poison as a chemist, or trying to hurt people in any way.

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Hey, If I don't mistake you for someone else, I was one of your victims. I was near medbay but not inside, had some minor brute damage and no intention of being treated. I was speaking with one of my colleagues and you came next to me trying to force feed me multiple times. I gave up thinking it was medicine and you went up your way. I then started taking damages which had me stopping again what i was doing.

TL:DR : No you didn't make sure we got fixed up in medbay.

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We apologize for letting this appeal sit.

You only received a 24hr gameban in addition to this two week chemist/CMO ban for obviously trying to kill people with chemistry. Furthermore you haven't had very significant playtime after your ban and none at all since the 16th. This role ban will remain until it expires.

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